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Moodboard Chubby Design

(Moodboard: Francesca Falchi interior designer)

An almost eclectic style: shapes are plump and enveloping. It is a style that is gaining lots of popularity on social media. It is a riot of sinuous and soft shapes that envelop as in an “embrace”.

Everything is conceived as more “plump” and “chubby”.

An example: the ROLY POLY collection designed by Faye Toogood, with a rounded and welcoming bowl like seat.
It has cylindrical and linear legs that give it a reassuring and massive look.
It is made of polyethylene. It can be enriched with soft padded cushions.
Perfect for both indoors and outdoors.
The price: on the market it is about € 490.00.

Roly Poly pink stool

Another example is certainly the VARIER EKSTREM chair: the sculpture chair.
It is absolutely ergonomic, and it allows for you to get into a perfect posture even when you get up and sit down, thanks to the leg rest.
The price: currently on the market at approx 1.800 €.

Varier Ekstrem green sculpture chair

The color palette

With this style there is no specific idea of colors, as you can go from neutral palettes, from pastel to fluo.
Just a small detail is enough, for example a sofa in a neutral color and armchairs or tables in more lively and flamboyant shades, and the result is achived.

Pink and green sofas Sitting area with cream-colored sofas

But make no mistake: this style took hold already in the ’70s with the greatest masters of twentieth century design. An example is certainly the legendary CAMALEONDA sofa by MARIO BELLINI, reinterpreted in a modern version by B&B ITALIA.

However, it is very faithful to the original project of its creator in the ’70s. Its peculiarity is undoubtedly the almost infinite modularity. Thanks to the tie rods and rings, the various modules that give shape to it can be assembled as one prefers.

Camaleonda sofa in yellow color

It goes without saying that Second Hand has gained popularity in the last year as a way to grab a design iconic piece.
An example?
Definitely the TOGO sofa and chairs by LIGNE ROSET. Sales increased by more than 200% at the end of March 2021 compared to the previous year.

Togo sofa


In summary, let’s say that it is an absolutely particular style, but I think it has a great peculiarity, as I find that owning a piece of design with these shapes and style can easily adapt to all spaces and tastes.
I find that it is easy to use, and it can be appreciated by many.
Personally I love it.
It is a trend with great potential precisely because there are no strict rules in the choice of colors and nuances. Everything revolves around color, and with with color one can create mixes, perhaps opting for neutral bases and accessories and complements in colored nuances.
In the rendering that I’m going to show you, I opted for a large living room, with white walls and parquet floor.
The color scheme is given by the choice of 3 colors, to complete the whole: pink, yellow and green that create the perfect mix for my personal interpretation of the Squishy design.

It is a style with personality that I would certainly recommend also during my interior design consultations.
Therefore, abandon any fear of daring, because one can dare without exaggerating.
Obviously, design pieces made in this style are not really within the reach of all budgets, but for the most determined, I absolutely recommend thrift shops and why not, some research on Ebay too. It is often possible to find some nice imitations at much more reasonable prices!