Yellow and red phonolook panels installed on the ceiling

The canteen of the Don Bosco Primary School in Vigodarzere in the province of Padua is part of the renovation projects concerning acoustic restoration through sound absorption products, designed to ensure the livability of a large, crowded space.

The project involved the supply and installation of 87 Phonolook sound-absorbing panels in yellow, red and blue, to coordinate with the bright colors of the walls.

The renovation project of the canteen of the Don Bosco Primary School in Vigodarzere (PD) has taken into consideration and solved the problem of acoustic reverberation through products for sound absorption, successfully using Phonolook panels from Eterno Ivica.

It is an area of ​​almost 300 square meters, and being a school canteen, the client’s need was to reduce the reverberation time, that could cause unpleasant and annoying buzz both for students and staff in service.

The project, which ended in the spring of 2016, involved the supply and installation of 87 Phonolook sound-absorbing panels measuring 120 cm x 120 cm, 5 cm. thick.

The need was to cover a flat surface of 280 square meters for a volume of 1200 cubic meters: almost 300 square meters covered with yellow, blue, red and blue.

For the application of the panels to the ceiling a suspension with steel chains and snaplinks was studied to facilitate laying and cleaning.

The results obtained were excellent!

Phonolook is an innovative solution designed to correct the problems related to acoustic reverberation in closed environments, bringing with its installation absolute benefits in terms of comfort.

They are designed to be applied in contexts characterized by high occupancy, or in environments with few furnishings, such as restaurants, meeting rooms, auditoriums, offices and open spaces.

With their appealing and modern aesthetic, declined in many combinations of shapes, colors and personalizations, Phonolook panels meet the taste of the most varied audience.

Thanks to its universal but never predictable forms, they manage to fit perfectly in every context and offer multiple installation methods.

Finally, they stand out for their simplicity of installation, their manageability and the great freedom of configuration that is allowed.

Phonolook sound absorbing panels are made of a polyester fiber core enclosed in a steel or wooden frame and covered with a Trevira CS fabric.

The wide range of sizes and geometries declined on over 70 shades of color will allow you to create creative, captivating, absolutely original and impressive solutions.

In addition to the colors and types of coating already available, there is the possibility, for light colors, to print any subject chosen by the client, both in the panel and in the mosaic effect, to create an evocative composition.