Residence in Australia

There are several reasons why Eterno Ivica Pedestal supports are highly performing and extremely versatile for different types of applications. The Australian market has been able to reap all these advantages and, to date, it is one of the countries able to make the most of the raised access technology.

Complesso residenziale

An example? The new residential complex “Dominion Apartments” where Eterno Ivica, thanks to the distributor Keksia, created the terraces of the 28 apartments thanks to the types NM3 and NM4 for a total of about 1000 m2. The whole building is modern in terms of shapes, colors and materials and has large windows that offer special views over the city of Canberra. For this and more, the project won the “Housing Industry Award” as the best residential complex in ACT / Southern NSW in 2020.

The advantages according to experts

Pedestal supports are perfect for creating terraces, places here designed to be livable, spacious and comfortable so that you can enjoy the outdoor spaces even in the apartment; in a few simple steps, the supports are laid and adjusted allowing to obtain flat, safe and elegant surfaces.

terrazzo con dei divanetti e degli ombrelloni porta-finestra che da sul terrazzo

The builders stated that, among the numerous advantages of our mounts, what pleased them most was the reduction of footfall noise thanks to the rubber of the bi-material head which, moreover, allows a perfect grip with the plates above. Furthermore, the use of the adjustment key on the floor already laid is essential to correct any imperfections without having to go back and correct previous steps.