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Hitachi Cooling & Heating, a historic Japanese brand of high-quality air conditioning systems, reinvents the 4-way cassette with a solution that makes this unit a design element perfectly integrated into the environment, and presents Silent-Iconic, the 4-way cassette panel that redefines the relationship between form and function in a perfect synthesis between technology and design.

Design attentive to comfort and well-being

Aesthetics, finishes, shape, innovation: everything in Silent-Iconic takes on value because the panel, in addition to ensuring efficiency and performance, can and must blend with the environment. This is what the market is asking for in all those spaces where design has a very strong impact and interior design can make a difference in the customer experience, such as showrooms, museums, shops, clinics, restaurants, open-space offices and hotels. Conceived by the talented Tomohiko Sato, Senior Designer at the Hitachi Product Design Department in Tokyo, this innovative panel is the design choice for architects and interior designers looking for aesthetic solutions for commercial and even residential air conditioning, such as in the case of loft. With Silent-Iconic, Hitachi Cooling & Heating offers an innovation that, integrating perfectly with the contemporary and essential style of commercial spaces and hospitality facilities, represents a valid alternative to traditional ducted systems.

Silent Iconic in an office

“Design cannot be an end in itself: it must represent a starting point and improvement of both the aesthetics and the technological characteristics of the product – says Tomohiko Sato. With Silent-Iconic, we had the precise goal of harmonizing a generally neglected element, such as the 4-way cassette, in the architectural environment and improving the functionality of this unit through design. In particular, we focused on the 4 deflectors, which we chose to create in total black to reduce the visual impact, and on the design of the louvers, which we made almost invisible to make them an integral part of the ceiling and perfectly functional to generate a flow of d comfortable air. A millimeter project, the result of numerous simulations and over a year of development, which led to a new design concept that is also attentive to the budget “.

Reduced visual impact and Gentle Cool for air control

Tech heart, efficiency and a new perspective of comfort guarantee an air conditioning system that is functional to aesthetics but very attentive to the well-being of those who live in the environment: the four deflectors of Silent-Iconic are designed to reduce the visual impact and to guarantee precise control of the airflow. The exclusive Gentle Cool control function also allows the gradual adjustment of the temperature, avoiding unpleasant jets of cold air.

Silent Iconic detail
The border of only 13 mm, almost imperceptible, and the minimum space between the panel and the ceiling (3 mm) make Silent-Iconic truly invisible. The central camera is also designed to integrate with the surrounding environment. The square shape and essential style are suitable for any environment that requires high architectural standards, in a perfect combination of innovative design and high technology of air diffusion.

Silent Iconic in white colorSilent Iconic in black color

Augmented reality

To evaluate how Silent-Iconic fits into the environment, Hitachi Cooling & Heating provides augmented reality that allows you to select the panel and virtually install it in the desired space in just a few clicks, from smartphones and tablets.

Silent-Iconic elected Best of the Best 2021 at the Red Dot Awards

Available in white and in the exclusive black version, Silent-Iconic won the prestigious Best of the Best 2021 in product design, the highest award in competition of the Red Dot Awards, an international award that defines future design trends.
The title is added to an important international palmarès that sees the panel also the winner of the iF Design Award 2020 and of the Good Design Award 2020 of the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, the institution founded in 1969 with the aim of promoting industrial design.

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Quick and easy installation and maintenance

The main panel is easy to install and disassemble because it is fixed to the structure by screws, easily accessible thanks to the sliding corners that free up the work area.
A cable system lowers the grid of the main panel by up to 4 m, simplifying maintenance even in the case of rooms with very high ceilings. With just one click of the command, you can easily access the central panel for cleaning the filters.

Silent-Iconic is compatible with Hitachi Cooling & Heating 4-way cassettes (RCI-FSR).

Silent Iconic in an office