Volto di una statua in marmo nero

In the long list of events belonging to the “designweek network” there is also the Udine edition (Udine design week 02.03.2021 – 10.05.2021) proposed by the Design Museum in Friuli Venezia Giulia, MuDeFri1, and created under the artistic direction of Anna A. Lombardi and Daniela Sacher. The idea behind Udine Design Week is to promote the city through new points of view dictated by creativity and design.

The protagonists are the shops in the historic center of Udine, local companies and designers, involved in a special collaboration that aims to nourish a sense of belonging to the territory, promoting awareness of the importance of social relationships, in a digital era in which, very often, they are taken for granted.

The strength of the initiative is precisely that of creating an opportunity to meet the talent and fresh creativity of the designers and the experience related to the mastery of local shops and companies, putting in synergy the different sectors that make unique our economic and cultural heritage. Because create a network means being stronger! The theme is chosen after various analyzes relating to design guidelines in the international arena and asks all groups to work in synergy for the definition of the final project which will be the setting up of the showcase of the assigned shop.

Udine center during the Design Week

This year the topic is “complex simplicity“, a dichotomy that reflects the historical period we are facing. The need to simplify life has arisen at various levels: personal, public, productive. Simplicity today consists in subtracting the obvious and adding the significant, in removing the superfluous to get more with less.

In this regard, I would like to tell my personal experience with this initiative. I am Giulia, a young architect committed on several fronts, with a constant desire to grow and face new challenges. With the collective which I belong to (Mirabilis Imago2), we try to tell stories and thoughts through design.

On the occasion of the Udine Design Week, I interfaced with two large companies at an international level: Vrech3, with sixty years of experience in the processing of marble and natural stone, realizes prestigious interior projects all over the world, taking care of every single detail; while the showcase for the display is by Falconeri, a well-known clothing brand known above all for its high-quality yarns.

Falconeri shop window with three black and white marble statues

The setting takes up this dichotomy of materials, marble and yarn, enhancing their essence. Human features hunt the mannequin element, proposing a minimalist version imbued with meaning. Complicating is easy, simplifying is difficult. According to Steve Jobs, simplicity is often more difficult than complexity and the difficulty lies in making our visions clear and determined.

The concept of “Anthropos” takes up these design concepts and proposes a minimalist vision of human complexity, stripped of all its forms and characters, but enriched with a rediscovered value. Quoting Munari, “Removing instead of adding means recognizing the essence of things and communicating them in their essentiality. Yet when people are faced with certain expressions of simplicity they inevitably say << I can do this too >>, giving less value to simple things because at that point they become almost obvious.

Minimal statue of a man in marble

Black marble statue

In this dichotomy, the human figure represented here at the minimum essentiality becomes a representation of today’s society, symbolized by the individual in the first person: “the human being”. The social problems (and not only) that have been afflicting the last few years, highlight the importance of Being, whose collectivity deprives the individual of the centrality and importance of its diversity, too often obscured by unattainable social canons and the obsessed search for perfection.

The combination of elements derived from waste from marble production takes up a sustainable futuristic vision, where the use of these products finds new value in artifacts enriched with meaning. The choice to start from the union of these objects arises from the need to restore value to the essence of the material: marble.

Detail of some marble blocks
Black marble blocks

1 – https://mudefri.it/it/mostra/Udine-Design-Week-21-home/homeudw
2 – https://www.instagram.com/mirabilis.imago/
3 – https://www.marmivrech.it/it/