Vetrina del negozio

The professionalism and competence of a young optician from the Cadore area – the hub of eyewear production and pride for the whole of Italy – were involved in the creation of a new store in the Padua area, at the foot of the Euganean Hills.

The customer asked to design a new showroom where the technical furnishing elements could find a place while keeping the space welcoming and elegant.

The starting building was a classic 1970s shop on the ground floor, with large windows on two sides.

Wooden counter with a chandelier and an old telephone

Wooden shop with stained glass windows and shelves of glasses on the sides

The development of the project started by looking for points of contact between the story of the young client and the place where he decided to open his business.

Precisely to interpret this meeting of places and cultures, the main theme of the project is the contrast between the skillful craftsmanship of wood, typical of the Belluno Alps, and elegant walls in polished lime putty that instead refer to the typical finishes of city buildings.

This input made it possible to develop every detail: from the new wooden furniture with a linear and geometric design, to the choice of vintage elements that recall the historic shop. This combination makes the project transversal to contemporary fashions, offering a distinct and at the same time welcoming and discreet atmosphere.

Cadore Glasses logo

At the entrance, the customer is welcomed in a waiting corner where the new store logo is clearly visible, whose graphics were created specifically for the project. The chairs in tubular metal and rattan are combined with a coffee table with gold-colored metal profiles that wants to pay homage to the 60s. All placed on a dark green frayed wool carpet that recalls the grass of a Cadore mountain pasture at dusk.

Entrance to the shop leading to the waiting room made up of a small table and a couple of chairs Enter the shop

The reference to the land of origin of the client is also found in the realization of the natural wood displays, where a typical technique of interlocking wooden elements has been put to use to give shape to slender and elegant showcases that help to emphasize the products by protecting them almost in an imaginary case.

Shelf of glasses Exhibition hall of the store full of shelves full of glasses

In the center of the shop, on the warm cord-colored travertine floor, is the new counter. The large monolith made of natural-coloured wood represents a strong impact element, characterizing the entire environment. Its presence evokes the objective and unconditional beauty of the natural raw material and contributes with its shades of colour to make the space welcoming.

The timeless elegance of the Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers introduces the unique curved shape given by the stem and the lampshade itself into the aesthetic composition, manifesting also in this project in its extraordinary iconic nature.

Arc lamp next to a wooden counter

The walls have been treated with soft colours in shades of powder pink and sage green, and have been finished with a glossy surface that reflects the spot lights of the ceiling.

In contrast, a thick velvet curtain separates the shop from the specialist laboratory, where the various processes are carried out. The flounces of the fabric reach up to the very high ceiling, emphasizing the sense of verticality and elegance that characterizes the whole store.

Shop counter illuminated by lights Shop shelves illuminated by lights

The evening views from the outside convey the general sense of the project which, through a timeless style, contributes to making the store a reassuring and welcoming presence for the inhabitants of the area.