The Eterno Ivica acoustic line includes soundproofing products

Acustica Sistemi by Eterno Ivica looks abroad. It faces in Norway to confront new markets, accepting always different challenges.

At the center there are high quality, durability, technicality, commitment and research.

Sound insulation is an increasingly important aspect in construction, architecture and living comfort.

New architecture systems are in fact developing to meet the various needs of the market, but also the needs of private customers and designers.


For the Acoustic Division of Eterno Ivica, entering into foreign markets is one of the mail objectives for growing and develop in the coming years. It’s a great opportunity that compares different realities to open new business channels.

We always have a clear desire to overcome our conflicts with new technicalities, however confronting with real needs of the market, made of different norms and regulations and constructive methods from country to country

This is why, alongside the need to penetrate new markets, there is a careful analysis and research of the relative acoustic technical standards to be respected, which are decidedly different from the Italian ones.

This was the case for the Norwegian market, where a long-term cooperation with our existing customer, allowed us to take the first steps in new markets other than Italy.

Another important goal is to be able to impose ourselves as a reference in the sound absorption panel, a market niche in which we are looking for aesthetics and certified acoustic results, working with thicknesses, shapes and envelopes. A right balance of materials and colors, concentrating on the important quality / price equilibrium, all with the final aim of reducing the reverberation time, giving aesthetics to the spaces.

The project: Phonolook, divided into its two Design and Solution versions, will be presented at upcoming events and fairs around the world.

Communicating to the world our point of view through a catalog is not a simple thing.

We therefore thought of an ambivalent tool, which was both aesthetic and technical, of practical consultation, but with everything necessary to satisfy the most demanding technician. A double volume dedicated to two clearly different topics: Sound absorption and sound insulation, translated into 4 languages ​​and available for all our customers and agents.

Products from the Eterno Ivica Acoustic Line

Products from the Eterno Ivica Acoustic Line

Phonolook Design products from the Phonolook line by Eterno Ivica

Phonolook Design products from the Phonolook line by Eterno Ivica