Sala d'attesa con alcune poltrone bianche
Domenico walking down a corridor

The architect De Rito and his effort, in the background a work by Pablo Picasso

In Cosenza, on the pedestrian area, it is possible to admire the open-air museum (MAB) of works of art by great contemporary artists. In this context, on the second floor of a building from the early 1900s, the Domenico De Rito’s architect studio ddra+d designed the dental practice of Dr. Simona Loizzo, a surgeon specializing in dentistry.

The spaces have been designed with a rigorous study of space and light. The effort, as states architect De Rito, was to create an atmosphere that would put at ease, first of all responsible for the psychological comfort of the patients, but also for the entire work team that operates daily within the studio.

The interiors are characterized by a monochromatic design that characterizes the walls, windows, seats and frames of the paintings; the only chromatic interlocutors for this space evoking purity and hygiene are the warmth of the wood expressed by the flooring and the ceilings with exposed beams; even the bricks, shown in some ancient structural elements, highlight the memory of the artifact. Several accessories in satin steel complete the study.

The light

The volumes of the studio are highlighted in the white atmosphere of shapes and the lighting research takes on a figurative value, to give new interpretations to spatial geometries. The light sources are indirect emission and low energy consumption. Suggestive lighting, with lights embedded in the wooden boiserie, runs through all the spaces of the studio, emphasizing the scenographic aspect of the light element.

Sound and technology

To guarantee greater comfort in the dental office, an audio system has been designed to spread a musical background that is pleasant and therapeutic during the waiting. A home automation system manages and controls some systems, helping a series of studio activities, ensuring greater quality.

Designer and construction manager:

arch. Domenico De Rito

Photo credits:

Luca Ippolito