Render di una sala di una pizzeria

A journey through this interior architecture project linked to the symbolic, functional and ritual dimension of pizza.


This project has a particular flavor because it was born in the midst of the pandemic and the owner wanted to renovate their image and start anew in 2022.

It is undeniable that for several years now the food and architecture combination went through to a deep and drastic change, an evolution that favored the development of an intimate and indissoluble bond between concepts.

In fact, places where food is eaten today are real laboratories of flavors and trends both in terms of food and architecture. In the past one ate in a typical trattoria, today places not only tend to diversify the dishes and type of food, but also they carry innovation regarding the interior design choices. Design often offers all the latest trends in terms of furniture, colors and finishes and this place is one example of this phenomenon.

In this new conception, the chef and the architect have a common element that binds them much more than it seems: creativity. In both figures, imagination but also experience are fundamental qualities that create something that amazes and fascinates those who enjoy it.

The project

The restaurant was located in the classic traditional standardized location.

Sala di una pizzeria

It had been recently renovated to soften and fill the huge 300 sqm room.

Sala di una pizzeria

With an intelligent design, basic local craftsmanship and a flexible attitude, yet firm, from the owner, even the most ordinary and traditional space as a simple rectangular room became a unique and intriguing environment.

First of all the initial image of the pizzeria was renewed by carefully studying a specific mood that set “color” as its primary objective.

Palette colori

Paletta colori

The color palette of choice is the basis of the transformation process and at the same time it plays a fundamental role in highlighting the areas, giving importance to a room of about 300 sqm. Oil blue is the predominant color of the pizzeria accompanied by a mustard and light beige. Materials such as wood, vertical green walls play a fundamental role in the color contrasts in every corner of the room, always offering different points of view.

Palette materiali


Conceptually the restaurant has been divided into 4 zones:

Entrance/bar: a plasterboard partition accompanies the visitor inside the room and divides the right area (bar) with the proper sitting area (left).

Render di una sala di una pizzeria


Oven area: the area has been left light colored to emphasize the work area and divided by a low corner wall that hides the work benches and a subtle filter on the wood side.

Sitting area with sofas: the volumes in plasterboard match and interplay both with color and lights. Two mustard-colored partitions descend on the wall and frame two vertical green zones that give a theatrical mood once you enter the room.

Render di una sala di una pizzeria


Sitting area with round tables: it is the area conceived as more reserved and with a softer light, accompanied by a second theatrical element created with a wallpaper depicting large leaves and a geometric motif in the center.

Render di una sala di una pizzeria

Wood improves the scene and it completes the complex architectural plasterboard game. Ceiling slats highlight the corridor at the entrance of the room, and the same effect is presented both on the bar counter and the oven area. The wood slats also stand out in the area of the sofas. Accompanied by the soft light of the leds they confer a pleasant chromatic-material effect.

Render di lampadari appesi al soffitto

The scene is completed by a series of suspension chandeliers in rose gold.

Render di una parete verde verticale Render di una parete verde verticale

“the will to change in order to bring forward the values of tradition”, this is the spirit that pushed the owner to obtain a total change that has surely changed their physical and visual image but it also gave importance and weight to their traditions, accompanying them in the future.

Render di una colonna

Render di un bancone bar