Tipanera is an idea, a graphic project that was born with a small book, published by Pellegrini (Cosenza). I created characters with numbers, symbols, signs and letters. The idea develops around a short story that comes from a “particular vision”, the protagonist is able to see and – following a therapist’s advice – she is able to demonstrate through the press.


Paintings of stylized black drawings on a white wall

But Tipanera goes beyond the typographical sign, in its decorative meaning; it becomes drawing, it appropriates the paper and the wall and gets contextualized in relation to spaces. If Tipanera leaves the narrative, she does so with the sense of getting involved and becoming an “atypical citizen” of places, objects and accessories.

Stylized black print as shelf support

Ironic protagonists, unlikely inhabitants of a parallel world: singers, dancers, musicians, acrobats, animals are all on the same level, preferably white (like paper), dressed in solid black (like printing ink). The idea is that of a “good-natured” and decorative invasion of spaces.

Some graphic solutions become ideas for decoration and, aware of their paper origin, they reinvent themselves by adapting to objects, walls and accessories.

Black designs on white stands

It is so that the dividing walls mark and value the corners of the house: the character in motion frees herself from her path, she exits and gets lost in places, even when the blank canvas/page ends, nevertheless remaining an element of “ironic cover” of the fitness situation.

Stylized black print on hanger

In the same way, the reinterpretation of the Girl (Tipa) with a pearl earring adapts to the sliding door. These designs become “skin”, even if fake skin and temporary skin if necessary, a sort of installation on materials alternative to the idea, for a fitness area Tipa with a pearl earring Reflective games on classic square panel curtains.

stylized portrait of woman on sliding door

The composition of each individual character has the characteristic of movement, of stillness, of amazement and of simply being as the eye sees it. That sign, that letter, that symbol is part of the graphic composition when it becomes an “essential element”: therefore, the context assumes the value of an original frame. As in an ancient structure, revisited in a modern key, the characters of Tipanera become contemporary tattoos that “play the game” of the house, following its movements in the guise of funny telamons.

The curtains, the magazine rack and the decoration on the wardrobe

During the lockdown, a collection of ironic and somewhat cynical episodes was born, characterized by the daily suggestions of that period. Characters reinvent themselves and adapt to the situation.

The collection can be downloaded for free on pellegrinieditore.it website.

When the drawing fits the spaces with simple stickers, but the white wall is a must.