Spazio40ena was born from the idea of ​​taking reality to the extreme of paradox, to the limit of surreal that we are living in this state of emergency.

Year 2020. Public space has been denied. Our own body is the limit of human contact. The private space of our home is the border within which we are allowed to carry out our actions.

How could our living space be if all our actions had to resize within precise borders?

modulo abitativo con libreria

Spazio40ena: convertible 30 mq

Spazio40ena is the empty box in which creativity can transform the static nature of things. By designing behaviors, infinite possibilities can be created with objects and elements.

Spazio40ena reformulates the spatial combinations of a house made of modular and flexible elements within a standard housing module of 30 m2 for a couple.

In the transformable house, the furnishings are composed and recomposed, the elements walk on rails, overturn or fit together.

The living area

The sliding partition is the element that can be rotated or dragged and serves to divide the living space according to the needs, while the kitchen supplies have modular and movable shelves that can expand and reduce the work surface/dining table. The pull-out boxes will be the seats.

modulo abitativo con spazio per brunch


The sofa/table is one of the most interesting elements. It is designed as an assembly of boards, covered with upholstery, which if needed, turns into a table and two benches for guests. While the pull-out boxes act as a support for the benches and, if necessary, as tables for the living room.

modulo abitativo con spazio per gli ospiti


The binary bookcase is designed as a dividing wall, which can be shared between multiple spaces because it has two fronts and can be dragged on rails in order to exploit the space that is obtained as an additional environment useful for some activities.

modulo abitativo con spazio trasformabile


The folding top behind the bookcase will become a desk and the removable boxes the seats to create our smartworking area.

modulo abitativo con spazio per smartworking


When the elements that we have extracted and then we further expand the space, dragging the binary bookcase until the lounge area is canceled, we obtain our sports area.

modulo abitativo con spazio per lo sport


The sleeping area

A further element of division and sharing is the wardrobe/wall between the service area and the private room, which leaves a gap for natural light to enter the bathroom.

The laundry/bath services are contained in the minimum standards.

The laundry room, which fits into the closet/wall, has three linen collection boxes, for washing distinctions, a washing machine and a dryer. The bathroom has a large shower, a cabinet with sink, and a toilet/chair which thanks to its folding top is contained in a bench useful as a seat or support.

modulo abitativo con spazio lavanderia


The sleeping area has as many variables as the living area.

The wardrobe/wall contains the folding bed.

piantina disegnata di spazio 30 mq con cucina, salotto, bagno e camera


From the vertically folding bed you can fold a multifunctional top and extract boxes for the seats, transforming the room into a study room.

modulo abitativo con spazio per pianoforte


Finally, the window is part of a built-in wardrobe that acts as a backdrop to the environment, contains objects, frames natural light and creates a deep bow-window on which to sit or from which to extract an additional floor which composes, together with the boxes. pull-out always used as seats, a sharing lounge for the couple, whether it’s a movie, a tea, a book or a sunset as if they were in that “Spazio40ena” or anywhere else in the world.

modulo abitativo con spazio per salotto